Empowerment Coach + Leadership Mentor for Visionary Women

I help visionary, heart-centered women step into their most powerful voice and presence so that they can grow their spiritual business, deepen their impact, and become the soul-led leader that they're meant to be.





Hey, beauty! I'm Megan.

I'm a Women's Empowerment Coach + Leadership Mentor. I help visionary, heart-centered women step into their most powerful voice and presence so that they can grow their spiritual business, deepen their impact, and become the soul-led leader that they're meant to be.

I began my career as a freelance writer and Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in breathwork and meditation. I received my certification in coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my certification in breathwork facilitation through Revelation Breathwork, and my certification in meditation instruction through Anchor Meditation. In 2020, my book was published. “Strange and Unusual Creatures” is about the journey I went through to heal and rise from years of chronic Lyme disease and emotional trauma. After I healed from Lyme, I launched my business as an Empowerment Coach + Leadership Mentor to help heart-centered women alchemize their pain into purpose, their wounds into wisdom, and grow their business into a movement that heals the world.

In my business as a Women's Empowerment Coach + Leadership Mentor, I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high. I utilize a wide array of transformational tools in my practice such as somatic work, embodiment, emotional healing, and energetics along with my unique style of high-touch and intuitive coaching that includes soul-led leadership mentorship.

Ways to Work With Me

Private Coaching (6-month VIP 1:1 program)

Group Coaching Programs (Get on the waitlist for the next round of DEEPER!)

The Soul-Led Woman Mastermind (COMING SOON)

"From our first session, Megan met me with such support, empathy, and understanding that I immediately knew I had someone on my team. Megan’s magic comes alive in her personalized care - from her detailed explanation of her healing practices to her post-session emails filled with supportive messages, I always feel like Megan is intimately engaged with my healing."


"Incredible. I’ve done breathwork before but today was by far the most intense session I’ve ever had. You are amazing - thank you for being my guide. My body was shaking and tingly…it felt like a bigger force was at play. I could not have done this without you!"


"You transformed me tonight! I’ll never forget what you said about how someone’s pain is actually simultaneously the source of both their ecstasy and beauty. I am wiser because of you and infinitely happier now."


"Working with Megan has been amazing. Her passion for heart-centered business strategy that's rooted in ease, authentic branding, and intimacy paired with her empowerment/embodiment coaching make the experience I'm having with her totally unique, HEALING, and transformative. I'm a different woman now than I was just a month ago. After finding Megan and starting to work with her, I've been more confident in my body, in my voice, and in my message - I took massive leaps in my business through how I've been showing up online and in the clients that I've been attracting. I feel lit up from the inside out and excited to go forward with her."


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